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Indian Top Selling Cars 2021 | My Indian Cars

India is quite a big hub for automobile industry because of population as demand grows there are lot of companies & cars racing for their place on Indian roads. But Indian roads are a challenge for most of the cars because of it's nature. Indians prefer cars that are built tough to take on Indian roads & help them in a long run, Maruthi has always been on top with their reasonable prices, best cars & best service. Here are the stats of Indian top selling cars on Jan 2020.

 Top Selling Cars In India In Jan 2020

RankName Of CarUnits Sold Jan 20'
1Maruthi Dzire 22,406
2Maruthi Baleno20,485
3Maruthi Swift19,981
4Maruthi Alto18,914
5Maruthi Wagonr15,232
6Kia Selitos 15,000
7Maruthi Eeon12,324
8Maruthi Vitara Brezza10,134
9Hyundai Grand i108,774
10Hyundai Elite i208,137

1.Maruthi Suzuki Desire -22,406 units sold

2.Maruthi Balino - 20,485 units sold

3.Maruthi Swift - 19,981 units sold 

4.Maruthi Alto - 18,914 units sold

5.Maruthi Wagnor - 15,232 units sold 

6.Kia Selitos - 15,000 unites sold

7.Maruthi Eeon - 12,324 units sold

8.Maruthi Vitara Brezza - 10,134 units sold 

9.Hyundai Grand i10 - 8774 units sold

10.Hyundai Eliot i20 - 8137 units sold 

Increase in software companies in India, transport is a must for Indians. So,companies are hiring cabs for employees to pickups and drops, which is helping Uber & Ola cab drivers. The Increase in cab drivers is the reason for consistent sales of maruthi cars.That is the reason why most sell car in India is Maruthi dezire.

The exact value may differ from the value given as it is hard to keep track of, let us know what you think by commenting below.


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