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Cars Under 6 Lakhs In India 2021 | My Indian Cars

We have a very wide range of cars in India, The car starts from 4 lakhs is Datsun REDI-GO. Our car companies in India offer wide range of cars ranging from low cost to high cost. Now a days everybody can afford a car in India with these reasonable pricing from companies like Maruthi Suzuki, Here are all the cars that you are looking for under 6 lakhs.

1.Datsun REDI-GO 

Price - Rs. 2.28 - 4.4 Lakhs

This is a entry level Hatchback but it always stands out. This car is affordable & stylish from outside, super fast sneaker through traffic due to its dimensions. Five seater car offers decent comfort for a long ride. Car offers with a 800CC engine of having 3 cylinders which produces 67hp & 91Nm of torque. Air-conditioner, Power windows, a boot space of 222Ltr is a special attraction for its competitive price. Perfect mileage of 22.7 kmpl allows you to slip through Inidan roads easily.

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2.Maruthi Suzuki Alto K10

Rs. 3.53 - 4.20 Lakhs

Did you know that alto is in number 4 position for most sold cars in India, It is Maruthi's one of the best selling in Indian market. It is a small car by very stylish and Maruthi made sure of the impeccable design in the Second Generation of this wonderful Alto K10. This is a entry level car can't debate on that. As it is small it is small from inside too but it can handle 2 six feet people to comfortably sit in the front seats, Powered with 1.0L engine which generates 67hp& 90Nm of torque. There is no wonder it can slip through Indian roads easily.

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3.Tata Tiago

Off Road Price - Rs. 4.6 - 6.6 Lakhs

Global NCAP has given Tata Tiago 4-star safety rating from Global NCAP. Tata Tiago is the safest car in this range of cost. Front seat belt alert, Dual air bag, ABS & EBS. This car starts at a price of 4.60 Lakhs, it is available 1.2L petrol engine. Exterior Much like Altroz hatchback. Comes with a exciting 7 inch touchscreen system. Competes with wagnor, both doing the same good job. This car is available in 6 different colors. Comes with clear audio 8 high quality speakers.

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4.Renault KWID

Off road price - Rs. 3.02 - 5.11 Lakhs

Renault has launched KWID at a very resonable price starting from Rs. 2.92 Lakhs. It comes with a Engine of 0.8L & 1.0L according to the selected variant. Updated by modern design, although torque remains the same as the last version. It has a milage of 22kmpl which is perfect to take on Indian roads.  

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5.Maruthi Suzuki Wagon R

Off road price - Rs. 4.51 - 6.00 Lakhs 

Wagon R has always been a car that everyone will take a tour, as LXI CNG & LXI CNG launched it has been more exciting for the customers to prefer this car from other cars. The cost of the car starts from Rs. 4.51 Lakhs and goes all the way to 6.00 Lakhs, I'm talking about off road price on road price will differ according to your location. Maruthi claims it gets 32.52KM/KG. It generates 90Nm of torque & 68PS os power. Decent quality Interior, a good family car to start with under 6 lakhs.

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Here are all the best cars under 6 lakhs, the prices are Off road and may slightly vary from location to location please contact official showroom or schedule a test drive by clicking on the links provided. Please feel free to share your thoughts in comments section below,have a great day.


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