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Best Car Under 20 Lakhs 2021 | My Indian Cars

We know that Indian roads are quite difficult to ride & we need fuel efficient cars. We have top 5 cars which are under 20 lakhs analysed by our experts. We will be covering HatchBag,SUV & Sedan

1. Kia Selito 

Off road price - Rs. 9.98 - 17.34 lahks 

Hatchback has always been a friend to Indian roads, Especially Hatchback-Mini SUV. Here is one Kia Selitos. It is always easy to handle a hatchback car in Indian traffic, This is the latest modern car that you can rely on.   

Whats Different?

HQ Interior

Drive assist technology 

Features -

  • Engine happens to be manual CRDI 16v looks so much like Hyundai car 
  • Car looks mind boggling upfront you get the tiger grill finish
  • we get a front parking camera
  • Rear parking sensors
  • 33 Liters Boot with tool kit and extra wheel
  • Adjusted seat with, 6 degree recline to offer
  • Futuristic interior with high quality material 
  • Heated front seats
  • LED daytime running lights and LED tail lights
  • Front fog lights
  • Cloth and Sofino seat trim with blue accents 
  • Automatic emergency braking technology
  • Lane keeping and departure technology 

Download e-Brochure 


2. Mahindra Scorpio ( SVU )

Off road price - Rs. 10.20 - 17.04 lahks 

For SUV we select Mahindra Scorpio, it has always served Indian roads and will do in the future. Made tough & modern.

Whats Different?

Solid Interior

Tough and Strong to last long

Features - 
  • Step on the gas and it kicks up a storm. Its power of 103 kW (140 BHP) and Torque is 320 Nm Comes with its new 6th gen Turbocharger dramatically enhance its performance, best on road & off road.
  • High performance in each gear and allows you to cruise on highways in like no other car, Highly fuel efficient.
  • The all new front grille with chrome inserts ensures that wherever you are, makes it attractive and mind boggling.
  • Best redesigned tailgate with a chrome applique and The aeroblade wiper command attention. All the time.
  • Most comfortable plush black faux leather seats with dark blue fabric inserts. Feel the comfort with luxe with a faux leather-wrapped steering wheel and a gear knob.
  • Highly attractive red lens LED tail lamps ensure that other cars always maintain a safe distance from your Scorpio.
  • When the Scorpio’s 43 cms (17'') alloy wheels turn, rest assured, heads lamps will turn too.
  • The Scorpio's 18 cms (7'') touchscreen offers you with Bluetooth, AUX, USB connectivity and GPS navigation. It also comes with a new reverse parking camera with dynamic assist- so that you're always in control, even while reversing in crowd.

3. Hyundai Verna

Off road price - Rs.8.17 - 4.70 lakhs

Now comes sedan, it is on number 3 because it is hard to drive on Indian roads & doesn't offer much ground clearance. But I see a lot of these sedans in higher class regions where the roads are properly maintained. Always deceived by looks.

Whats different?

Stands out at night 

Cruise with easy - Best driving experience 

Features -
  •  Safety first loaded with 6 air bags
  •  6 speed Auto/Manual Transmission 
  • Equipped with wireless phone charger
  •  Rear curtain ( New feature to block sunlight )
  • Smart air conditioning with Eco coating technology 
  • Glove cooling box will keep your items cool
  • Electronic adjustable outdoor mirrors
  • Equipped with battery saving technology 
  • Smoothest car than other cars, Cruse with ease & speed


4.Honda City

Off road price - Rs. 9.91 - 14.30 lahks 

At number 4 we expect all new Honda city to take place, with all it brand new features & high quality comfort. Fuel efficient and easy to drive in traffic makes it suitable for indian roads for car under  20 lakhs 

Whats different ?

Impeccable Interior 

New Technology 

Features -
  • Six color options Modern Steel Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Taffeta White and Ignite Red Metallic.
  • Super Convent, As you comfortably settling  you will find various nooks and corners that tuck in your world along with you.
  • Dual air bag system in the front 
  • ABS Technology
  • Vehicle stability assist
  • Hill climb assist 
  • Electronic brake force distribution
  • 15 inch alloy wheels which makes it stand out from others
  • Start and stop button, all you have to do is carry your keys in your pocket

Download e- Brochure 


4.Hyundai Creta 

Off road price - Rs. 9.99 - 15.72 Lakhs

Last but not the least Hyundai creta, well trusted car by Indians. It is suitable for Indian roads with high ground clearance & high seat driving experience. Comes with 1.6 Engine equal to hyundai verna.

Whats different ?   

New Silver colour finish roof rails

Black seat fabric with CRETA embossing

Features -
  • 1.6 available in both diesel and petrol manual/auto
  • Hive body structure with safety technology
  • Available with ABS & EVD with park assist
  • Ability to set up in built speed alert system 
  • Exciting features like speed sensing auto door locking system
  • Comes with a Immobilizer with every variant
  • Full leather pack available in top end model 

Download e-Brochure 


Here are all the best cars under 20 lakhs, the prices are Off road and may slightly vary from location to location please contact official showroom or schedule a test drive by clicking on the links provided. Please feel free to share your thoughts in comments section below,have a great day.


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